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Reduce your taxes with a personalized tax plan

Discover unique strategies to reduce your taxes and keep more of what you earn. TurboTax Advisor creates a personalized tax plan based on your situation.

Only $495, with no up-front payment or credit card required.

Advice from an expert, powered by TurboTax

Don't miss out on tax savings because you don’t know where to look. Your dedicated tax advisor reviews your situation, sifts through hundreds of potential deductions, and recommends proactive strategies to follow.

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Proactive strategies that save you money now and in the future

TurboTax Advisor uses proven strategies to help lower your tax bill and save money each year—100% legal and tax code compliant. We comb through every deduction, credit, and overlooked tax strategies to help you qualify for more tax deductions in the future, not just the deductions you already qualify for today.

Get a custom tax plan with recommendations for you 

Your tax plan includes a detailed comparison of the tax strategies recommended by your advisor, the financial impact of each strategy, and tips for how to start taking advantage of each strategy. Your plan also includes additional information about each strategy and tax rules changes, so you can learn more as you save.

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Experts with unique experience for your situation

We match you with the right expert with unique experience to help you. Are you a small business owner? We’ll match you with a small business expert. Active investor? We’ll match you with an expert in investments. Whatever your situation, we have an expert who knows exactly what to do.

What's included
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Personal situation questionnaire

TurboTax Advisor starts with a short questionnaire to understand your unique situation. We'll ask about your goals, review your income, and ask questions that might reveal additional tax saving opportunities. 

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Custom strategies tax plan

Your advisor goes to work developing your custom tax plan. The plan shows you the best tax strategies for your situation, the money you'll save from each strategy, and how to take advantage of each recommendation.

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Tax plan review with an expert

Meet with your TurboTax advisor in a virtual follow-up session to review your tax plan, answer any questions you may have, and explain each strategy and recommendation in detail.



No credit card or up-front payment required

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